object storage pricing

Understanding cloud pricing is pretty tricky. This post focuses on the projected costs of storing backup data in an s3 compatible object store.

I will show that scaleway object storage is much better value than aws or backblaze (b2).


Here is a breakdown of the $ USD / month cost of each provider, and their storage tier.

Note; aws and b2 prices are in USD, scaleway use EUR. I converted the EUR to USD on 16th Feb 2021.

provider$ / GB in standard$ / GB in glacierstandard free tier (GB)glacier free tier (GB)

*b2 doesn’t have storage tiers

storage usecase

The following charts are based on these parameters;

  • 100GB initial upload
  • 10GB added each month
  • Transition to glacier tier after 2 months
  • Cost is projected for 48 months (4 years)


Cumulative cost chart


Monthly cost chart


In the monthly cost chart, we can see a jump in pricing at the beginning, because it takes 2 months for our data to be transitioned to the glacier tier. We chose 2 months, as after this amount of time the data is highly unlikely to be needed. Restoring backups are likely to be from more recent data.

providertotal $ @ 12 monthstotal $ @ 24monthstotal $ @ 48 months

Charted, this table looks like;


scaleway is clearly the best value for money

Scaleway is clearly the best value for money.

  • Scaleway is ~2.88x cheaper than aws
  • Scaleway is ~2.63x cheaper than b2

In real terms, this means you can add ~1.5TB (1500GB) to scaleway over the 48month term and pay the same price as if you had added just 480GB to aws.

Scaleway is the best value because it includes a generous free tier on both standard and glacier storage tiers. B2 appears cheap in it’s price / GB, but it doesn’t have a glacier product, which means you pay standard pricing for all your data (this really adds up)!

cost depends on usecase

I have analysed the costs for a backup usecase, that has infrequent access to a growing proportion of the data. If the usecase was a object store where all the data was accessed frequently, then b2 would be the cheapest, as it’s standard tier price is about half that of scaleway and a fifth of aws.